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The changes we can make for our clients are everything to us. We mean that sincerely. So when we do a good job, and a client thinks enough to come back and let us know, we print it and post it, and share it all around the office. It doesn’t matter if they’re in the accounting department, the lab, the front office, or the cleaning crew… we all share in the work that we do. This page is here so we can share our victories with you too.


- Debbie



- David



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- Nick

Bryson J.
15:47 18 May 22
Fast service, great customer service, and amazing long lasting product
William Z.
23:38 17 May 22
George R.
21:59 17 May 22
I can not say enough about the customer service the employees at Brighter Image labs provided, I was incredibly nervous to spend this kind of money on a item I didn’t know much about….I looked up all the videos and reviews from a few different sites about their service and saw nothing but great reviews! So I took the chance because I really wanted my smile and confidence back! From start to finish they talked to me and sent me updates on the progress every day! When I had a question the answered the chat faster than I could type! I received my set today and it literally made me cry on how drastic of a change it made, I CAN SMILE AGAIN!!!! Thank you so much for taking great care of me! I’m a single dad/grandpa and this was something I had to save for because I live check to check! I was hoping to win the free set but I’m still so thankful and it was worth every penny to have my confidence and smile back just in time for my daughters graduation 👩‍🎓 If you are on the fence about this, please do it for yourself and trust they WILL take care of you! They truly care about you! I’m so thankful 🥲
Delora E.
22:23 16 May 22
I have had nothing but a positive experience with brighter image lab! They have given me back so much! My smile is gorgeous! They fit perfectly the first time on! Thank you Brighter Image Lab Team!
Toni S.
16:53 16 May 22
From the very beginning, the customer service was and continues to be outstanding. Everyone that has assisted me is patient, kind, understanding, and knowledgeable. I feel like I got my life back after the final results. The technology is amazing. To say I am overjoyed and happy with the results is a true understatement. Thank you so very much!
Lisa H.
19:39 15 May 22
I absolutely love my BilVeneers. I receive compliments all the time. I have missing teeth& also discolored. I don't have the brightest white but the next color down which is still a stunning white. I am a coffee drinker and I vape, neither of these stain my BilVeneers. They are simply beautiful!
Debbie S.
00:45 14 May 22
I actually like to smile now! I’m so happy with my veneers! Brighter Image Lab has given me back my confidence 🤗
Rick F.
18:30 13 May 22
I ordered my first veneer through Brighter Image a little over a year ago. Unfortunately my veneer broke into two halves. I am not sure how it split in two but I was very disappointed. Nevertheless before the veneer had its unfortunate malfunction I was very happy with the fit and the way it looked. I know I have to eventually see a regular dentist to resolve my dental problem but in the meantime the veneer from Brighter Image has saved me tons of embarrassment and negative comments from the way my teeth looks. I will order a new veneer from Brighter Image shortly to replace my broken one. Thank you again Brighter Image. Your company is wonderful and the people who work there are so helpful and understanding.
Stanley M.
15:36 13 May 22
Brighter Image Lab created a durable realistic product. I recommend and guarantee you will love this product.
Vip R.
15:21 13 May 22
These guys do good work, their product works.
John D J.
17:22 12 May 22
it was an easy process and the veneers really helped me avoid the embarrassment of missing my 2 front teeth
chris L.
03:30 09 May 22
Alejandro F.
00:05 09 May 22
I broke three of my front teeth and after many years of following brighter image lab I decided to give them a try I have a million dollar smile
Damon J.
20:24 07 May 22
“I would just like to say that I am pleased with the wonderful job you guys did with the set of veneers I purchased. It definitely gave me a brighter smile and would definitely recommend you to anyone looking for the right results without breaking the bank.”
Taurean J.
19:57 06 May 22
Best purchase I ever made. Love them. I lost my 1st set and I'm ordering 3 more. The confidence you get once you have these are 2nd to none
Laurafied M.
01:24 06 May 22
I love my new smile!! I’d also like to say a huge thank you to Michelle in your customer care department. Michelle was amazing!! I had to do 2 adjustments & she made me feel so comfortable. Walked me through the whole process & was a delight over the phone. Michelle let me know adjustments at times are needed as Brighter Image Lab wants you to have the perfect smile. Best customer service I’ve had in years!!Thank you so much Brighter Image Lab! Your given me a beautiful smile!
Steven C.
23:41 05 May 22
I feel way better about myself with these veneers. Thanks Bill.
Brookelynn E.
22:19 03 May 22
Awesome company to deal with! Amazing quality! Highly recommend!
Chef O.
16:19 02 May 22
Clarence Jackson when I give a five star ⭐️ review to brighter image lab they got me smiling more than ever Order now 👌🏿Hey u
Joshua C.
23:54 01 May 22
Best investment ever! The process was very easy and very fast/ The customer service is awesome. Wish I would have done this years ago!!
Rita M
16:20 29 Apr 22
I love my BIL veneers! I ordered a full set. Dealing with the lab was great. They were so helpful with my impressions and the veneers came quickly. I highly recommend!
N N.
00:33 28 Apr 22
Great experience with ordering, love the veneers.
Pamela H.
21:16 26 Apr 22
I love my veneers! The process was very easy but the customer seriously was top notch. Definitely recommend them!!!
Menachem F.
18:43 26 Apr 22
I really love my veneers.I’m more confident socially and I use them every time.. I got my moneys worth
Rob H.
22:35 24 Apr 22
When it comes to veneers there are many choices but none compare to Brighter Image Lab! My wife and I have several quality veneers and Bil assured us he oversees each product before they leave his lab and everything he promised us has been phenomenal. We have had BIL veneers several years and we trust Bil so much we recommend him to friends. Spoil yourself and improve your smile with immediate effect.
Gina J.
23:17 22 Apr 22
If you need dental work and you don’t have thousands of dollars to spare… What are you waiting for? Brighter Image labs can change how you feel about yourself. If you’re ready to walk down that red carpet with celebrity status Then choose Brighter Image labs. They change your smile and your life.
john S.
20:46 22 Apr 22
I have used brighter image labs for over 8 yrs and there products they produce are 👌 there veneers are just as good looking as they were 8yrs ago.also and most important they saved me $20,000 if I had for $1400 I got that $20,000 smile. John Snyder Marietta GA
Jason S.
01:38 22 Apr 22
I’ll be honest, I was a bit skeptical. I got them in the mail and they fit great, and I only got the basic original veneers. I asked a new guy at work, and he said they looked real, he was blown away. You get so comfortable in them you forget they are in lol. Thanks Bill
Kontenyo R.
23:49 21 Apr 22
I like them
Karinna F.
22:36 21 Apr 22
I absolutely LOVE BIL. This company has changed my life. Thank you for taking such great care of my smile.
Keyia D.
18:00 20 Apr 22
Bil vaneers have been a life changer for me. Struggling with years of crowding and crooked teeth with no finances to cover the outrageous work. No one notices the difference. They’re comfortable and do not hurt. My only problem is they started turning yellow. I wish they stayed white. You just have to properly care for them. I also think they should come with a back up pair free of charge. I currently have crooked bottom teeth so will be working on the bottom arch soon. Thanks so much for my beautiful smile and self confidence back Bil vaneers.
Martin K.
14:45 20 Apr 22
Everette W.
23:17 19 Apr 22
I would highly recommend Brighter image lab to everyone they are professional and they can turn your smile into something beautiful. I LOVE my veneers and I get compliments all the time people actually think I PAID THOUSANDS for my smile. Thank you Bright Image Lab!
17:17 19 Apr 22
i am so pleased with my brighter image lab veneers they are beautiful and fit so well. i do not have any speech problems with them either. The customer service that i received was fantastic. thank you Brighter Image Lab great job
Maria Dinah H.
09:13 16 Apr 22
I have been customer for over two years and love the product. I have ordered twice and going to order my 3rd set for a back up. Since been using this product I feel confident and can smile all the time now.
Daniel R.
22:07 12 Apr 22
Brighter Image has helped me become a person again. I have been with them having veneers since 2013.... Excellent
John C.
17:17 11 Apr 22
Brighter Image Lab was a life saverI have CRPS which over a two year period caused me to loose most of my teeth which affected my self-esteem so much that I didn’t even want to go to a dentist or out in public ...It was so easy and convenient how the impression kit comes directly to your house and you do everything in the privacy of your homeThe quality and the way they looked and fit felt very natural ... when I did follow up with my dentist and oral surgeon they were very impressed as wellI cannot say enough about the exceptional customer service from the start to finishI will definitely refer my friends and family to brighter image lab!Thanks again
Tonya S.
21:46 10 Apr 22
I going to start by saying I very rarely write reviews, however this is by far an exception. I'm going to put this in all caps so yall know that I'm really not playing.I will say this, I have not received my veneers just yet they gave me a eta of 4/14 and I pray that I get them on that day, rest assured I will follow up and give another review when I get them. However I will say that so far, this company has the absoloute best customer service I have ever come across. I mean that. I have chatted I cannot count how many times just asking questions, often repeat questions, maybe because I was so excited to get them, but I gotta say everytime it wasnt a problem. I would ask and they would answer, not just answer but they would do it with a smile. They always take the time to let you know that you are not being a bother and that they are there to help. They are always happy and nice and honest when you speak to them, and they really made me feel like no mater what they would be there if I just had stupid questions or was worried that wouldnt get them. For anyone that is thinking about doing this I will tell you that i have done a lot of searching and checking other companies and BIL is really the best. Do they cost more, yes, but for me, I dont know about you, but for me something like this ant look cheap because for that i just isnt worth it. So the reason I chose them was because after checking I felt they would give me the best product and more than that SERVICE!! I dont know about yall but for me SERVICE changes EVERYTHING! This is a very difficult process yet he makes it as easy as possible and takes the time to reassure you all while keeping that great style and letting you know that they are doing their best. So if your trying to choose a place I would definetly go with BRIGHTER IMAGE LABS. Once again, I will be posting another review hopefully on the 14th to let yall know how they look and feel, but so far so good hands down they are the best group of people I have had the pleasure of working with and would reccomend them to ANYONE (I already have). ttys
Gina E.
05:18 09 Apr 22
If you’ve decided you want to smile again and are looking into where to purchase a set of press on veneers then stop right here! I purchased upper and lower Bil Veneers from Brighter Image Labs almost two years ago and have been smiling every since.The staff at Brighter Image Labs are compassionate and knowledgable, their website is easy to use, the process was simple and I received my new veneers quicker than expected. I was so excited the day they arrived and when I put them on they fit perfectly.I have had so many compliments on my smile I’ve lost count. I do eat with my veneers in which probably wore them out faster but two years is an amazing stretch in my opinion!Thank you Brighter Image Labs! For helping me have uninhibited laughter and big smiles. My life has literally become much brighter.Gina M. Eason
Abdul G.
01:48 08 Apr 22
Amazing!!! You guys changed my life 😃 ..feel so confident now : highly recommended.Perfect Hollywood 😊
emma P.
23:58 07 Apr 22
Edited 2020 (It's been 2 years wearing my veneers, I'm still loving them. Thank you Brighter Image Lad!)I order my veneers about a year ago, I wish I knew about this company sooner, Before I order my veneers I was putting this plastic beads that u melt in hot water over my teeth, Totally awful it was to thick and it looked like plastic was on my teeth, I work in the healthcare field I talk and smile a lot, Though it all I truly love my veneers NOW I CAN FACE THE WORLD WITH A DAZZLING SMILE
Tamica C.
17:13 06 Apr 22
Beautiful! very easy to take your impressions and the kit came very quick! After sending off my impressions my veneers came within 3 weeks! I was extremely impressed! .
Angelique B.
22:28 03 Apr 22
I love my veneers they are so freaking awesome they look like they are my real teeth they are fitted to my gum line they are so natural looking with a Natural Glow and shine it has brightened my life my smile and my confidence I wouldn't know what I would do without brighterimagelab I have a complete brand new smile and I'm so grateful I would recommend brighterimagelab to anyone and everyone I couldn't see another way to perfect my smile other than through Brighter Image lab
21:56 02 Apr 22
I am very happy with my veneers. They have been holding strong for two years.
Jorge I.
06:47 02 Apr 22
love my smile ,you guys have change my life. They gave me confidence. I would never smile with my mouth open but now I cant stop. Thank you guys so much.. im actually a returning customer 🙂
21:42 31 Mar 22
Process was quick and easy to order. Veneers came out awesome. I would recommend buying a second set when offered by the company.
Noreen M.
00:47 31 Mar 22
I was a bit apprehensive at first but they sent me the kit to make the casts and it was so easy!!! I couldnt be happier with my new smile!! Thanks Brighter Image !
Renn H.
22:00 30 Mar 22
Amazing product bought in 2017 And they lasted all the way till 22 till the dog got hold of them.
Khaley S.
05:20 30 Mar 22
I am in love with my veneers they have boosted my confidence tremendously.The brighter image lab team has always been such a great help with all my questions before during and after I have received my veneers.They fit perfectly and the detail that they put into my veneers are stunning! I highly recommend them.My venners was worth every penny.
Marissa H.
20:01 29 Mar 22
I have struggled with my smile for years, in turn my self esteem took the biggest hit. I looked into BIL and waited some time before i actually ordered, once i actually got my veneers i couldn't believe i waited so long. I gained so much confidence, more than i ever imagined. Now my children will see pictures with their mom, my wedding day won't be half smiles, and i actually look forward to having photos taken to hang in our home.The process was so easy. Customer service has always been so helpful, even after my initial order and helping me to order duplicates. I will always recommend Brighter Image Lab, to anyone who needs or wants their new smile.
Brenda K.
16:08 29 Mar 22
My experiences working with the smile designers at Brighter Image Labs over the years has been easy and professional. The process and turn around time was quick. They do great work dental veneer work and I recommend them to the utmost.
steve S.
01:30 29 Mar 22
I'm very happy with the service and i definitely recommend it to my relatives and friends.Thank you guys...
Mike M.
20:22 28 Mar 22
I had fantastic experience with Brighter Image Labs. Best decision I ever made--thanks for the staff at Brighter Image. Mike Morris
Cyd W.
16:26 28 Mar 22
My biggest regret is I didn't do it sooner! What a wonderful and life changing item they've created! Your confidence will go from 0 to 10 in 1 second! If you're like me and research everything, please take the chance on this! I spent 2 years trying to decide, and that's 2 years wasted!
Tomasz P.
01:12 28 Mar 22
I have used my veneers top and bottom from the Brighter Image Lab for 3 years now and they are great! Fit perfectly, look like real teeth! Customer service is really helpful. I have my confidence back, thank you!
Amanda F.
17:47 26 Mar 22
Absolutely love my smile now! Brighter Image has been amazing. The customer service is amazing. Shipping was super fast.
Joey K.
16:22 25 Mar 22
Brighter Image lab is the leader in its field., never any issues and always friendly to help if anything may come up. I would highly recommend this company over ALL the other imitation, knock-off companies that sell you a plastic mess. Don’t waste your time or money on anything else! Brighter Image lab is worth the price for what it does to your confidence and your life in general.10 stars wouldn’t be enough.
Pamela M.
15:10 24 Mar 22
Third order of Veneers with Bill’s system over 5 years! Knocked it out of the park every single time! Customer service is superb.
aboudraman K.
12:50 24 Mar 22
Brighter image lab Veneer is one of the best product i ever purchased.And the customer service is super
William K.
22:40 23 Mar 22
I couldn’t be happier with my decision to use brighter images lab it is made a bigger difference than I can put into words and it is literally changed my life I’m actually a repeat customer now about to purchase my second set after having my first set for the last four years and I have very very high confidence that they would last another four years what a wonderful product the customer service was out of this world and I couldn’t be happier with my purchase thank you so very much for changing my life
Darryl M.
21:42 23 Mar 22
Good job brighter image lab! I didn’t think it could be done with my smile. I’m having some work done with a couple of teeth and then I’m going to have another set made.
Brian S.
19:57 23 Mar 22
Edward E.
13:09 23 Mar 22
I got my veneers about 3 years ago and sense then I have had so much confidence in communicating with others. I actually started my own business so first impressions are important in my opinion. With these veneers I never feel worried about how I look infront of a client.
Rick E.
19:11 22 Mar 22
I purchased my Bill Veneers and they actually were better than I expected, they look real and now that I have them I feel lost if I don’t have them in, obviously I felt like I wanted to upgrade my appearance but before I spent thousands of dollars I thought that I would give veneers a chance. I looked at several different options and finally choose Brighter Images and I’m glad that I did. I would recommend them to anyone that is considering having their teeth worked on, before you allow a dentist to grind your teeth down and invest thousands of dollars, give Brighter Image a try, you won’t regret it. I recommend them to anyone that wants to have a beautiful smile and self confidence, you won’t regret it, it’ll be the best investment that you’ve ever made, it definitely was mine.Rick Ezell
Cynthia C.
00:21 22 Mar 22
Iv had my bil veneers top an bottom over 8 months They have truly changed my life. I’m a hairdresser and none of my clients know their not my real teeth. Makes me more confident. Before an after. Yes amazing
Carla D.
16:19 21 Mar 22
Since receiving my Bill Veneers I have gained my confidence back. I smile constantly I get so many compliments everyone have noticed them. They are truly life-changing. Getting ready to order a second set. Thank you Bill for changing my life and smile!!!
Ben P.
17:58 18 Mar 22
I have always had problematic tee, and had low self esteem but with the veneers Brighter Image Lab made for me., my confidence in my smile is back and have a good reason to smile again. Thanks for giving me my life back.
Norman K.
14:54 17 Mar 22
Have really enjoyed my Brighter Image Lab Veneers for sometime now. Have really boosted my confidence. Thank you!!
PuPu N
03:38 17 Mar 22
Mr. N.
18:25 16 Mar 22
"Want a superlative smile, search no further." Incredibils Veneers are your answers to you making your everyday a Red Carpet /Hollywood appearance.
John W.
10:44 16 Mar 22
I have had a bot-so-good smile my whole life. Crooked teeth as a child and damaged teeth as an adult. I can actually smile for the first time in many years without embarrassment. I love my BIL Veneers! After only having them in a few hours, I could hardly feel them at all, as if the "belonged" there. The fit is perfect right out of the container with just a hint of pressure to begin with. I was afraid they would be too "bulky", but they are so close to the size of my existing teeth, they are almost unnoticeable to me. I was also afraid after seeing the "horse teeth" photos from people using cheap products - definitely not the case with the BIL veneers!I wore them to work for the first time today and got nothing but compliments. The top question: "What dentist did you go to?, that's an amazing job!". I am so happy with the quality and workmanship, and performance of the people at Brighter Image Lab.Thank you many times over. I can't remember being this happy over any product I have ever purchased.Thanks again, you have a new fan Brighter Image Lab!John
Ken S.
02:05 15 Mar 22
The product was better than expected. It came on time and the fit was perfect. No adjustments were needed and I was able to wear these from day one with no problems. Ease of ordering and the process was better than visiting the dentist. Would recommend it to anyone who is looking for a great smile.
takesha T.
22:06 14 Mar 22
I do like the veneers however you have to be careful on what you are eating and drinking because it can and will stain especially anything that is red other than that they are great.
Gran G
00:58 14 Mar 22
Definitely an improvement but first set only lasted 4 1/2 months. Not a permanent fix.
Matthew P.
06:28 13 Mar 22
5 stars.worth every cent.i just updated my review because I've had the product for over a year now.
Angelica M.
18:21 10 Mar 22
I Love Brighter Image Labs they absolutely changed my life, I'm able to go outside my house, and go to work without hiding my mouth when I talk! I'm so grateful for Brighter Image labs!
Norris S.
16:44 03 Mar 22
What a life changer. This brings confidence and sophistication.
Sabria E.
16:56 02 Mar 22
let me start off by saying thank you thank you thank you.before i received my bil veneers i didnt have a reason to smile now that i do i smile for no reason lol , lets talk about the customer service. the customer service is top tier they helped me and let me know what was happening with my order step by step which in fact put me at ease just knowing i had that support. you even can logon to your account to see how far and whats being done to your veneers, im just forever grateful thank you brighter image lab for giving me my confidence back im forever grateful.
laura H.
15:26 02 Mar 22
Due to a medical condition I lost most of the enamel on my teeth and I've been saving up saving up the money and finding the time to have dental surgery. In the mean time my teeth began to crack and chip and The brighter image lab gave me an immediate solution to my temporary problem.
Kathy P.
11:56 02 Mar 22
I have been an customer for years and I have never had an real issue and if I did everyone be so kind they jump right to it. Very well please thank you.
MacArthur H.
22:44 28 Feb 22
Working with Brighter Image Lab has completely changed my life. I have been able to tap into all of my confidence. My smile was something that troubled me for years. I found myself always staring at peoples teeth instead of listening to what they were saying. I will continue to use Brighter Image Lab for all my dental needs.
William B.
23:14 27 Feb 22
Brighter Image is very professional. And they worked diligently with me to get the perfect fit, and I love my new veneers, they look great. Thank you so much for your patience with me!
Natasha M.
02:28 26 Feb 22
I had such a great experience with this company and would highly recommend to anyone looking to improve their smile!
Boniface K.
02:01 25 Feb 22
I have used the Brighter Image Lab Veneers for nearly 2yrs now and are amazing! The process was smooth, and they will answer all of your queries through the process. The amazing part is that they work with all of your needs to perfect your smile .I am Thankful that I found what I wanted at Brighter Image !
Aaron C.
20:56 24 Feb 22
Absolutely amazing company and great products.
04:30 23 Feb 22
Thank you so much for what you do. My husband was in a motorcycle accident and lost his teeth. He was miserable and hated his smile after that. When he got his teeth he couldn’t stop smiling. It changed him completely back to the way he was before the accident. I honestly can’t thank you enough for what you’ve done for his confidence.
Grumpy H
22:51 21 Feb 22
The people there were very friendly and helpful and my veneers fit really well. I had a great experience with the company.
LoDeon L.
22:22 18 Feb 22
I LOVE Brighter Image Lab. My confidence is through the roof!! I feel like a Hollywood super star when I smile. You get a quality product and it is very inexpensive.
Anna P.
16:46 18 Feb 22
Life changing! Easy to use and great company to work with!
Warren H.
15:31 18 Feb 22
Great product - Very reasonable prices and exceptional customer service - I would recommend Brighter Image Lab to anyone who wants to improve their smile - A five-star product!!!
James C.
00:47 18 Feb 22
Best decision I've ever made. I hated my teeth and smile all of my life. These have given me confidence, and I would tell everyone to not hesitate if you are considering this.Edit: After owning these for about 18 months, I wanted to leave some more in depth feedback.Company/Customer Service: 5 stars from me in this category. I have called several times throughout the whole process, and I have always gotten professional and courteous assistance. I also did not have to wait on hold for any extended time, and have always talked to a real person pretty much right away.Durability: I am going to give this 4 stars. They aren't perfect or indestructible, but that isn't necessarily why it doesn't get a perfect score. I had bad gums towards the start, and they would slowly bleed without me knowing. After having blood on them for 18 months, the inside of them is stained with blood. It shows through to a certain extent. I soak them every single night in a denture cleaner/freshener, but that didn't prevent them from staining.Comfort: I rate the comfort 4.5. Again, not perfect, but very close here. They are not fun to eat in, but you can if you do not have an opportunity to take them out. They do take some time to "break in" when you first get them. My experience was that they were tight for about 5-7 days. I also sounded a tad strange when saying my s sounds. Which makes sense as I was talking through different teeth before.Overall: I still have to give it 5 stars overall. They literally changed my life. I worked in a sales position in furniture retail. I was pretty confident in both my talent as well as my ambitions to move up our corporate structure. When I got my new teeth, I became a new person. I smiled, which will change your world when you didn't do that before. People were looking at my smile in a GOOD way for the first time in my life. I had crooked ugly teeth my whole life, and was made fun of in elementary school and onward. My parents couldn't afford braces. After about 3 months with my teeth in my emotional state had improved two-fold. After working towards a promotion for 5 years, I got that promotion. My sales also saw a noticeable increase due to my better attitude, mood, and increase in confidence. So very literally, Brighter Image Lab changed my life. Drastically. Please do yourself a favor, get them.
Steve D.
04:03 16 Feb 22
the product is great and the customer service is great also.
Rain B.
23:26 15 Feb 22
I have to say that I am beyond pleased with Brighter Image Lab! My whole life, I have had problems with my teeth due to an accident as a child. I tried clip on veneers with another company, and they were very bulky and you can tell they were fake! But with BIL, I get many compliments! No one has no idea that they are not real. There so smooth very thin and easy to eat with aswell. You WILL Not be disappointed!
Alexandra G.
18:11 14 Feb 22
I had a phenomenal experience with this Brighter image Lab.Ordered 2 pares of veneers with them. One in 2017 (at that time there was only one option, and different shades of veneers) worked for me great. And last month I ordered a new Incredibill veneers pare. top and bottom. As I was expecting them to arrive, had a bit of worry if they are going to fit well and how my speech might be affected as I first time put them on experience of it went above and beyond anything I might have projected for it, as not only they fit as a glove and look great, but my speech was also not affected, and if it was then only in more clear way. Service is free of judgment, accommodating, smooth and professional. Loved my experience with this company.
Timothy R.
16:52 11 Feb 22
This is an amazing product I've been using it for about a year and a half now it's absolutely fantastic
Rachel Gray (.
16:00 10 Feb 22
I am so grateful for this company! I have a rare stomach disease that has paralyzed half of my stomach and it makes me vomit multiple times a day. I have lost several teeth and pieces of teeth due to this disease for the last 11 years. I am so glad that I finally was able to find an option to use until I can afford full impants. I finally have the confidence to speak to people and laugh again. I went for years hiding my face and mouth and now i can be myself!
Michelle G.
18:18 07 Feb 22
Very responsive to email & customer service is exceptional. The current ones are 4 years in and going to get additional in case I misplace or lose it. They are very well made!
Erica E.
18:13 07 Feb 22
I have always struggled with my self confidence due to my smile. Growing up we didn’t have a lot of money, and unfortunately dentist visits were not regularly scheduled appointments, and the dentist became a huge fear of mine. With brighter image lab the process Was so easy! I made the molds myself at home with the instructional video I had no issues whatsoever I mailed it back and I had my veneers a few weeks later. The shipping was quick the quality was amazing and my smile is priceless. I would highly recommend brighter image lab veneers!!!
Brandon W.
12:38 07 Feb 22
So Brighter Image Lab changed my life for the better. They r very professional and will help you in every way. There teeth r amazing and I wish I found them way earlier than I did!!
Luis R.
22:02 03 Feb 22
Me encantan mis carillas
Kamau K.
19:49 01 Feb 22
Brighter image changed my life it’s such a good product and gave me the confidence to face the world with a bright more smile thank you you don’t know how much .the staff of this company has been very helpful and efficient again god bless
Dialla A.
14:27 01 Feb 22
I am very pleased with Brighter Image Lab. They give you step to step emails of the process of your veneers. When I first tried them on it was a shocker. They do say to expect that. I love my new smile. Ty Brighter Image team. I will definitely recommend this to everyone. Here are my before and after photos.
Glenn S.
00:02 27 Jan 22
Outstanding product! Professional and knowledgeable staff....I'm a loyal Bil Veneers client! Glenn Simmons
Michelle T.
23:37 26 Jan 22
Excellent experience!!! I was so skeptical at first and the minute I got the product and put in place I WAS SO THRILLED!! I wish I had done sooner. Life changing confidence boost!!
Matthew J.
21:45 26 Jan 22
brighter image lab has been a blessing to my personal life an my professional career as well. if you have missing or damaged teeth Brighter image lab is the company you should call. they really changed my life for the better.
Ben L.
16:15 26 Jan 22
My set of double BIL arches fit perfectly, and certainly gave me confidence I had been lacking. Customer Service is very friendly and helpful, and always answer right away. Highly recommend!
Kim S.
22:25 22 Jan 22
I have spent 10,000 bucks on my teeth. I received my upper teeth and OMG simply amazing . My granddaughter was like wow gram those are awesome. Thank you so much for a wonderful smile.
kaila M.
17:20 21 Jan 22
Life changing 😩😍 I have used several different companies for veneers and absolutely none of them compare to my IncrediBIL veneers. They are by far the most natural looking, not too big, bulky or too white. They have the perfect sheen to them as well compared to some of my others which are very matte and fake looking. I can not even leave the house without wearing them now it’s just part of my routine! They are so comfortable I don’t even notice them and it has absolutely changed my life. I will always be ordering more. - Kaila
Glen T.
00:04 21 Jan 22
Been having a upper set for 3 years and I really like them. They fit good and look good. Definitely a confidence booster. Also you can beat the price and no dental visit. I am ordering a duplicate set now!
tinashe C.
20:30 18 Jan 22
good item .
Tammy M.
21:32 14 Jan 22
Brighter Image is absolutely amazing!! They were easy to work with and I can’t believe how easy it was to purchase them!! They have great finance program that’s easy for anyone to qualify!! Once I received them, I was shocked at how they fit and how they got the shape of your teeth right!! It really amazed me that my Bill Veneers looked real and just like I had my own teeth straightened 😁 I never use to smile because I was not confident with it, but now I smile all the time and people say the nicest things about my smile!!!! I definitely recommend Brighter Image!!!
n B.
19:34 14 Jan 22
Hi my name is Nicole and I just wanted to say how these veneers have changed my life they fit perfectly they look wonderful and I am truly grateful thank you very much for giving me the confidence to get back out there and live.
Sophie B.
14:11 12 Jan 22
A great experience! Quality product and customer service. Took me about a week to get used to them... but I was smiling right away! I wear them all the time. I have tried other similar products in the past and this experience surpassed all my expectations. Very solid and esthetically pleasing. This will likely last much longer than any other options I have tried.
Bree F.
22:42 11 Jan 22
I absolutely love this company! I have purchased 2 veneers from them and I couldn’t explain how much more confident I have become since rocking my new smile. I am missing some teeth due to genetics and didn’t want to spend tons of money on implants.I am so happy I came across Brighter Image Lab to take care of me. They fit perfectly and look so real it’s insane! Highly recommend if you are looking for an affordable option to change your smile and your life!
julianna B.
20:57 05 Jan 22
I love my vaneers even though they are expensive and tend to break easily lol get them if you really want the smile you've been looking for but be careful they aren't cheap.
Stephen H.
18:29 04 Jan 22
The entire process from receiving the mold system and video instructions to receiving the veneers went exactly as promised. Fit and look of the veneers are perfect. My wife and I love them. Very professional company!
dom D.
16:38 04 Jan 22
I love my new smile . Working on getting another set . Customer service responds very fast !
Gabriella G.
16:36 04 Jan 22
Brighter Image Lab has changed my smile completely ! I definitely recommend to anyone looking for a new smile .
17:31 28 Dec 21
Brighter Image Lab is the real deal when it comes to perfecting your smile at a reasonable cost. If you’re like me and you’ve invested more $$ in your mouth than your retirement, I’m here to tell you that BIL is the solution to give you a celebrity smile without having to take out a massive loan. Give them a try! What do you have to lose?
Will F.
16:40 28 Dec 21
I’ve always admired people with beautiful white straight teeth but with my dental problems it was not to be for me. I kept seeing video ads for Brighter Image and decided to take the leap of faith. The sales associates were extremely knowledgeable and made the purchasing experience a comfortable one. I was overwhelmed when I received my veneers, white, sturdy, straight and beautiful. They are sturdy enough to wear all day, every day. I can even eat with them. Thank you Bill Veneers.
Hakan O.
11:28 28 Dec 21
I've got veneers from Brighter image Lab almost year ago .It is really quality product and durable also still looks nice and comfortable .Thanks
Angel B.
18:26 27 Dec 21
The smartest thing I ever did was going to Brighter image labs and this is a person who had braces twice In my lifetime! Cheap no pain quick results that’s what I like! I spent 3500 just fixing my two front teeth lasted only three months. Brighter Image there the best!!!
Mona M.
23:44 26 Dec 21
This changed my life ! Bill made big difference in my life ! I love my veneers 💎
Matthew W.
10:28 24 Dec 21
Jackie J.
17:30 22 Dec 21
I ordered my veneers from Brighter Image Lab, over seven years ago and I will continue to do so. The confidence I now have with my new smile is indescribable. I smile all day long. I get so many compliments on my smile and the price is affordable. Thank you Brighter Image Lab. Jackie James
Lauren H
14:41 21 Dec 21
What a terrific experience with Brighter Image Labs! Excellent quality, fantastic customer service and speedy new teeth! Strong, perfect fit with no issues. Best purchase I’ve ever made. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND these if your smile needs improvement. Thank you so much, Brighter Image Labs!!!
Fabian C.
19:02 20 Dec 21
Very happy with my purchase!!Also they are very quick to reply to any problems or questions you may have.I would highly recommend this product.100% satisfied customer.
Rosa A.
19:30 17 Dec 21
I have been more than impressed with Brighter Image Lab as there service and quality of veneers is unsurpassed. They were helpful timely and had a great result in creating my veneers. The veneers are realistic and feel great to wear they also photograph nicely. The compliments I have received about my smile has been amazing too. Martina Falzon ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Ali W.
05:30 17 Dec 21
I had a client with a beautiful smile and I complimented her and she referred me to Brighter Image Lab. I didn't know much about the company but her smile was convincing enough for me to commit. The whole process was very smooth from beginning to end. After choosing my Veneers and placing my order shortly I received my impression kit which I made my molds carefully watching the videos and following instructions. I admit I was afraid I did it wrong. So I thought to myself if I did surely someone would have contacted me. I patiently waited as my Veneers went the process of being made, I think its comforting that you can check on the status of them and it will let you know which process there in. I was Excited when the status said shipped. Upon receiving my Veneers I was Excited yet anxious. I just thought what if I did my impressions wrong but boy that was not the case. My Veneers exceeded my expectations. They couldn't be more perfect. They have changed my life, my smile literally could brighten the room. What a work of art They put into these Veneers. I couldn't be more happier with my purchase. I never would imagine I could have a smile so beautiful. I highly recommend this Company They care about getting your Veneers perfect for you. I am more than happy with my purchase. Thank you Brighter Image lab.
Nash C.
02:29 17 Dec 21
I have purchased from there before and they have done so well the last time and this time. I will definitely support their company for sure from here on out. They have done an amazing job with my veneers before.
Marc W.
23:55 16 Dec 21
I’ve reviewed Brighter image lab three years ago, I’m here to appreciate and recommend their veneers again. Get yours, it works great! My dad got his too after seeing mine. By the way I’m placing my second order today.
Monica-Ahualli K.
17:40 16 Dec 21
Oh my goodness!!!! Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart! You have changed my life after purchasing my veneers. You brought my confidence back... I can smile openly! As I said before, you really changed my life.
Keesh J.
22:56 15 Dec 21
It took me forever to get the mold right but once I got it I was one happy dude. Thank you guys very much you changed my smile and you changed my life!!!!!!!!
Kelsey S.
22:43 13 Dec 21
They are absolutely amazing! Customer service is so easy and they really care about your experience. I 100% recommend if you cant afford permanent veneers.
B D.
00:20 13 Dec 21
I have been a client with Brighter Image for many years. Very awesome staff and great product!100% recommend them!
Alisha W.
17:38 11 Dec 21
I just want to say thank you, thank you, and thank you so much for making my smile better, brighter, and bigger. Now I can smile big and not worry about hiding my flaws and worry about others judging me based on the appearance of my mouth. I can’t thank you enough. Brighter Image Lab is an answer to my prayers. May the Lord continue to bless you all and use you to bless many many more.😁😁😁
Gaming with M.
18:44 09 Dec 21
Been using brighter image for the last three years it is the next best thing to actual implants. Very affordable, almost cheap. Thank you brighter image.
Kiko A.
21:41 07 Dec 21
One the most amazing experience as I have ever experienced as I got my smile back.The Veneer fits perfectly.I can smile all the time now..I really would to thank all the stall who brought back the smile to a lot people for a very reasonable price.
Michael edward J.
05:57 07 Dec 21
Amazing service and Amazing white smileSolution in case you have no time to always get yiure veneers cleaned or bleached just order some billVeneers for extra white smile
Jason K.
02:14 06 Dec 21
Brighter image lab has given me so much confidence about my teeth. The process is easy and at such a great price. I find myself smiling all the time without hesitation anymore and get complimented all the time. If you are thinking about getting them do it!
Rachel P.
23:03 05 Dec 21
Fell inlove right away! Brought them 2 yrs ago and didn't regret a thing. It was cheap and high quality. Thankyou ao much!
Sherry L.
19:39 01 Dec 21
I love them!! Thank you for giving me my smile back!! They are so wonderful next year I'm getting ones for the bottom. You made me feel beautiful again thank you!!
John R.
02:25 29 Nov 21
Great product, excellent service.
Slugg J.
22:58 28 Nov 21
Great products must try
Will A
15:53 27 Nov 21
I’m very pleased with the veneers it’s quick and easy and customer service is great
14:25 25 Nov 21
Brighter image has completely made me very happy about my smile.i recommend it to the world.
David F.
09:14 23 Nov 21
Very good indeed! I was afraid to smile, but now I'm not. Having these veneers is a great confidence booster.

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