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Improving Your Smile Is Too Important

Living with a bad smile can have a real effect on your life. The average person waits 12 years before improving their smile because of cost or fear from a dentist. With Smart Smile, Financing, you no longer have to wait. Let’s Build Your Credit by financing veneers, and you can still receive huge discounts when you pay off early!! Apply Now To Get STARTED!!

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The most beautiful smiles, with the most affordable payments, period!


A new smile brings new opportunity and (studies show) more income! Our payment plans are so low that you can easily offset the cost with even the smallest raise, or new opportunity.


Use your new smile well, and should never cost you a penny!

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    By completing this form, you agree that you have familiarized yourself with the New Removable Dental Veneers by Brighter Image Lab and are prepared to make a purchase. If you’re unsure, have questions or would like more information about Removable Dental Veneers before proceeding, please click here to read an overview or chat with a live rep.

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    By clicking “Yes”, I agree that the payment information I submit will be the method by which I will pay my initial down payment ($149 for single arch/$298 for double arch), and 3-Way Shipping and Processing ($46 for single/$92 for double) for a total up-front cost of $195 for a single arch/$390 for a double arch plus any optional fees I have chosen above - and that this amount can be charged immediately. I understand this charge will be refunded if it is determined that my application cannot be approved.

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    Agreement form MSC429c – Subject to approval as determined by the 3rd party provider.

    "A study by Forbes found that an unattractive smile can reduce your income potential by as much as 13%."

    You can finance your new smile and watch it pay for itself.


    "A study by Forbes found that an unattractive smile can reduce your income potential by as much as 13%."

    You can finance your new smile and watch it pay for itself.

    Low Prices + Instant Discounts

    Across the country, dentists are overcharging their patients for removable veneers. The average cost for a single arch is over $2,200. Our goal at Brighter Image Lab has always been to help the people who need it the most. We’ve done everything we can to keep our costs low so we can offer our removable veneers at an affordable price. Apply for financing veneers today and receive our Instant Smile Discount of $200!

    Payoff Early - Save Big

    Pay Less With Earned Discounts

    Our Early Payoff Discounts are simple – The faster you pay, the more you save.

    Even though we don’t charge interest when financing veneers, our clients by nature, forfeit their ‘cash discount’ as they pay out over time. But that doesn’t mean you can’t still get an amazing deal!

    By taking advantage of our Early Payoff Discounts, you can get the best of both worlds. You get your case started for a low down-payment, you keep your case by keeping up with you easy weekly installments, and then you can pay off when you’re ready and only pay slightly more than if you’d paid in full when you placed your order.

    All this, plus we report early payoffs to Major Credit Bureaus. Improving your credit score is just one more reason to SMILE!

    Payoff Early = Earned Discounts



    I can get you a new smile with $24 payments. Any credit score - I’ll find a way to get it done. Chat with me to find out how!

    Click to chat with Katy M. now >>

    Purchase today – Pay your balance over time – Enjoy your new smile from the beginning.

    *offer only valid to clients in the United States

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      We Knew You'd Be Listening!

      Select the station you heard us on below to enter to win a FREE Smile Makeover!

      Brighter Image
      We knew you'd be listening! Select the station you heard us on below to enter to win a FREE Smile Makeover!

      How Does This Work?

      Brighter Image Lab provides life-changing smile makeovers to thousands of clients every year.

      We also partner with a non-profit named New Life Smile who matches people like you, with public and private funding sources to hopefully cover a portion (if not ALL) of your smile makeover costs. We’re ready to help right now!

      We’ve already given away free smiles to people in your area and we’re ready to do a lot more!