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Great impressions get better when you send us your before pictures. It helps us create great after pictures and allows our designers to envision the task at hand.
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Part of the process of creating your custom dental products requires photos of your smile. Our designers use your photos to ensure they are creating the best smile possible for you. This is why we ask for photos in many of our communications.

Many new and potential clients ask us whether they are suitable candidates for custom products. In most cases, we cannot say for sure whether or not we can design a new smile for you without studying photos of your existing smile.

Some of our current clients may not have ever sent photos in or we may have received unusable photos. Photos may have been necessary for an adjustment. Whatever the case, your photos are vital to making you great custom products.

A Picture Really Is Worth 1,000 Words To Us

When we receive photos of you, they are attached to your individual account and can be referenced by designers, lab technicians, and client service representatives. When questions arise regarding your particular case, often, these photos provide us with immediate answers needed to finish your custom product.

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Full Face Photo a full face picture:

Close-Up Photo a close-up of your smile:

The better your original photograph, the better your Press On Veneers results will be.

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Showing 1 Arch

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  • Follow these simple tips for best results:
  • Face the camera for front shots
  • Face 90 degrees to the left/right for the side photos
  • Smile naturally and show your top and bottom arch teeth
  • Take in a well-lit area, do not pose with light behind you
  • If you must use flash, use the "red-eye" feature
  • For a close-up, shoot from nose to chin
  • For the full photos, shoot from the neck, shoulders or chest-up
  • Ask a friend to take the photo or use the self-timer