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New CAD/CAM Design Technology
New CAD/CAM Design Technology

Am I Eligible For Your Custom Fitted Dental Products?

It all starts with a great impression

Our Fit Philosophy – It’s this simple: we have one size – It’s the correct size. Our process relies on you to provide us with an accurate impression, and our Lab Direct System allows you to supply us the exact impression of your teeth before we begin the design and finishing of your custom product. Our Custom Dental Contrivances are very unique because all of our clients always start creating their custom product themselves by making the initial impression of their own existing teeth. This allows us to have the exact teeth size and statue which fits accurately, both top and bottom and through the smile teeth. The Brighter Image Lab® foundation was established on designing precision designed removable dental products. Our motto is: “Life’s too beautiful to have a smile that does not fit your face.” Consider the logic of this bold statement: “A correctly fitted dental contrivance alleviates years of embarrassment and pain, allowing you to transform your whole self image by yourself.” Brighter Image’s products are custom designed and wear evenly, compensating for unnatural raise in vertical lift of the bite. Brighter Image’s products are designed to be comfortable through long periods, with no need for removal.

At Brighter Image Lab® we love the challenge of those who were “hard to design and/or turned down by a dentist”. It’s this simple: it’s because you have never had the choice to consider our Lab Direct Process with No Dentist. We are the only design lab to offer Instant Smile Products with 7, 14, and 30 day processing with No Dentist Visit.

Almost everyone is eligible for custom products. Clients young and old experience every day what a new smile can do for them. For the small amount of time they invest, they are thrilled that they receive a lifetime of happiness having the ability and confidence to smile again without ever having to step foot into a dentist office.

Our Products are great for:

  • Clients with gapped, crooked, stained, or missing teeth
  • Clients wanting to improve their smile or sleep


  • Clients not eligible for bridges or implants
  • Clients looking for an affordable smile or sleep solution

category i: basic cases

Small gaps in teeth

Small Gaps

Ideal bite or minor overbite

Ideal Bite

category ii: challenging cases

Medium gaps in teeth

Medium Gaps

Small/short teeth or grinding


category iii: sensitive cases (requires internal staff consult)

may extend delivery time up to two additional weeks

Missing two or less teeth to the end of an arch

Missing Teeth

Severely slanted teeth

Slanted Teeth

Severe cross bite

Cross Bite

Excessive gum recession

Gum Recession

Minor underbite

Minor Underbite

Severe overbite or underbite

Severe Underbite

Missing more than two teeth to the end of the arch

Missing Teeth To The End

Large gaps in teeth

Large Gaps

category iv: rejected cases (these cases are not accepted)

No teeth present (not eligible for custom products)

No Teeth

Custom products over an existing denture (not eligible for custom products)

Over Denture